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Unfortunately, one downside of owning a pet is the likelihood of accidents. Your furry friend might leave behind a mess meant for outside, or bring things like dirt and mud, inside. If your home has rugs or carpets, pet stains can be difficult to remove. As a result, messes can grow larger over time. If your pet is damaging your flooring, here are some tips to help!


If your pet has a specific area in your home, they continue to urinate on; you need to deter them from it. Once a dog or cat marks an area, it is likely they will return to the same spot. Animals are attracted to their scent and will find the place unless something is done. One way to prevent future accidents is making the area unavailable. Whether this means sectioning the area off or finding deterrents, try to make it difficult for your pet to find. You can also do this by having the area professionally cleaned, so the scent no longer exists. Some of the cleaners found in pet stores do not entirely rid the odors or stains from your carpet or rugs.

If your four-legged friend is continuing to have accidents, call your veterinarian.


Once the area is located, a thorough cleaning is necessary. When your pet can no longer smell their scent, they are less likely to have an accident there again. Spotless Carpet Restoration has a specific and meticulous way of riding rugs and carpets of pet accidents. We ensure your pet will not find the spot and return your gorgeous flooring to its original state. Not only will the smell be gone, but the entire stain is diminished. Here is a glance at our cleaning routine for an oriental rug.

  1. Vacuum both sides of the rug
  2. Treat the rug before power washing
  3. Power wash
  4. Flush urine or stains from the rug
  5. Drain the rug

There are eleven more steps in our rigorous cleaning process. To see the rest of our cleaning routine, check out our video below!

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