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You use your sofa and other padded furniture virtually every day, and after a while, the armrest, cushion top, and pillows become stained and discolored. Unfortunately, many households and businesses that use upholstered furniture rarely deep-clean it. “When did you last contact a professional cleaner for upholstery cleaning?” I guess you’ve never considered it until now. Having a regular cleaning routine for your household and commercial upholstery is critical in maintaining the furniture’s aesthetics and extending its functional lifespan. So, how often should you have your upholstery cleaned?

Surface Cleaning

When you clean upholstered furniture through vacuuming, you only clean the surface. Regular vacuuming is essential in ridding the couch of dirt, allergens, and dust, but that’s only as far as it can go. We’re not saying you needn’t do surface cleaning. In fact, we recommend it at last once a week in addition to the less frequent deep cleaning.

Deep Upholstery Cleaning

Various factors affect your routine for deep upholstery cleaning. For instance, if you use your couch frequently or have kids and pets that jump and sleep on the furniture, the upholstery will get dirty relatively quickly. Therefore, it’ll require a more frequent deep cleaning. We recommend cleaning your upholstery every 6-12 months to remove any dirt, oil spills, fur that build up with time and degrade the fabric quality. That ensures your sofa remains clean, fresh, and lasts longer.

However, suppose you notice a persistent musty smell, unique soiling, or the sofa gets constant abuse from children and pets. In that case, you might want to make arrangements for thorough cleaning more regularly.

Fight Diseases with Deep Upholstery Cleaning

Expert upholstery cleaning utilizes high-tech cleaning equipment that kills disease-causing bacteria at temperatures above 140 ◦. The higher the temperatures, the more bacteria are killed. We combine that with the use of an anti-bacterial enzyme deodorizers that “eat up” organic bacteria.

Killing organic bacteria alleviates the risk of contracting diseases and illnesses, keeping your family safe. When done in the office, thorough furniture cleaning protects your staff and clients from becoming sick.

In this COVID-19 era, individuals with underlying respiratory issues, such as asthma, are considered vulnerable to contracting coronavirus. Cleaning your upholstery removes dust, improving the quality of indoor air. At-risk individuals will be protected against COVID-19 and frequent asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

If you think your upholstered sofa or leather couch needs deep cleaning, contact Spotless Carpet Cleaners today! We will handle all the work, from fabric pre-inspections and fabric preconditioning to soil extraction and fabric drying, thus improving your furniture’s longevity while protecting you from diseases.