In Water Damage

Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City, TN

If your home becomes flooded, then your natural instinct will be to return to your property as soon as possible to evaluate the damage and save as many valuables and keepsakes as you can. While in many cases it is good to follow your gut, this is not one of them.

Several factors can determine whether it is safe or not to enter a building after flooding:

Structural damage: If the ceiling of your home is sagging or one or more walls have collapsed, it is not safe to enter.

Active utilities: If your electricity, water, or gas are still active, this can cause additional damage to your property.

Contamination: Many flooding events also result in the infiltration of water that is contaminated with sewage, mud, or other substances that can jeopardize health.

The extent or level of the flooding also can make it unsafe, as can the presence of animals who have sought shelter in your home after being displaced by the flood.

If your home has been determined unsafe or is uninhabitable until repairs have been done, make arrangements for a temporary place to live. Make sure to keep records of all your expenses incurred as part of this temporary lodging; many insurance policies will cover these additional expenses.

We recognize the desire to re-enter your property as soon as possible after a major flood but in many cases, the factors above make the potential risk too high. We strongly recommend letting a professional restoration company like Spotless Carpet Cleaners help, by performing an on-site evaluation before you attempt to enter. Spotless Carpet Cleaners offers 24-hour emergency service. If your home floods, call us anytime at (423) 926-9251.

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