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If your home or office has suffered water damage, you must get your carpets dry and have them treated. Fungus, mold, and other microbes must be prevented, or treated, as soon as possible by an antimicrobial firm. Also, contact your insurance carrier to get the claim handled.

What should you do first? The answer is simple: contact Spotless Carpet Cleaners. Now let us look at why we say that. If carpets are damp, they can become “moldy”. Mold, fungus, bacteria, algae, and viruses will grow. Your home or office will suffer from bacteriological or viral microbes. They can cause family and public health problems. In addition, they require pesticides.

Federal and State Laws

Most people just want their carpets dried and treated. Bit there is more to that. Tennessee Law says those microbes are pests. The pesticides your contractor uses on your carpets must be used in accordance with Federal and State Laws. The EPA applies the Federal Law (The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) to how your carpets are treated. In other words, your insurance company expects the law to be followed in order to accept your final claim. You want your home or office clean, dry, and healthy.

The contractor you hire to apply the pesticides to solve your fungus, mold, bacteria, algae or other problems must be certified by the State. That law has been on the books since 2003. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture requires applicators (the person doing the work) to have, “thorough knowledge of the state and federal pesticide laws.” State certification plans are approved and evaluated by the EPA (Tennessee Department of Agriculture Pesticide Application Training Manual).

In addition, this means that the contractor you hire must:

  • be properly certified
  • part of a chartered company
  • based out of a chartered office
  • insured and bonded
  • use federal government registered pesticides
  • use pesticides according to the labels on the container

If a contractor fails to comply with all requirements, liabilities will be faced. As a result, the contractor may suffer civil and legal penalties. You or your business may face a rejected insurance claim.  If someone suffers from ill health, they may seek legal compensation.

Bottom Line

Water damage may be the first and could be the least of your problems. Work with a chartered company with certified employees. Spotless Carpet Cleaners are a Licensed Antimicrobial Firm C-14. Our pesticide license is #4670. Play it safe by contacting us. You can contact us here so we can answer your questions and give you proper advice.