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Carpets can bring beauty and warmth to any home or business. But keeping them clean can be a challenge. Did you know things are hiding in your carpet that you probably never thought about? Vacuuming and taking off your shoes simply isn’t enough to keep your carpets clean. Take a look at what may be hiding in your carpet.

Dirt & Dust

Plain old dirt and dust are the most obvious culprits. These are easily tracked in from the outside or blown in from open windows. Taking off your shoes helps but doesn’t keep all of it from ending up on the carpet. You can remove a large portion of the dirt, dust, and soil by regular vacuuming and this does help.

Unwanted Critters

Carpets are a great place for bugs to hide in. Dust mites, fleas, and bedbugs love carpets. Not only are they just plain nasty but many cause health problems. Mites, for example, molt, and the waste and molted skin they leave behind can cause allergies. Bed bugs bite and cause health issues as well.

Pet & People Problems

Humans and pets alike shed. Pets shed hair, skin, and dander. Humans shed skin flakes and dander as well. Vacuuming regularly is a must if you have pets living in your house to keep these problems to a minimum. A good commercial cleaning regularly can help, especially if there are allergies in the home.

 Mold & Other Invisible Problems

If we don’t see it we don’t have to worry about it is often the frame of mind, but not when it comes to carpets. Mold, bacteria and mildew can hide in carpets. Pathogens such as staphylococcus, salmonella, and E. coli love to hide in carpet fibers and can cause serious illness. Anywhere it is warm, humid, and wet is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Keeping your carpet dry can help avoid those two issues.

Stains, Odors, and Other Problems

If you spill food or drink onto the carpet you may end up with stains but small organisms and bacteria can use that as a food source too. If you do spill something blot it up and then spot-treat it right away. Odors can be absorbed from things like cigarette smoke or pet urine. These things all need to be cleaned up immediately and commercial cleaning is recommended periodically.

We Can Help

Here at Spotless Carpet Cleaners, we offer a variety of carpet cleaning solutions that can help keep your carpet clean and you healthier by removing what’s hiding in your carpets. Give us a call today.