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Water damage is a very unfortunate dilemma for any homeowner to face. Sources, such as floods, burst pipes, or sewage backups, are fairly easy to find. However, the easy to notice sources of water damage are not always the actual cause. The more elusive causes can even be more malicious in the damage incurred. If you suspect water damage in your own house, be sure to check these five potential hidden causes of damage.

Hidden Causes of Water Damage


Most houses are built to be prepared for average weather conditions. The problem is when the weather is anything but average. Excess snow and rain can lead to flooding and severe damage to your house. Take precautions now, even if you live in a more temperate climate.


Appliances such as water heaters, washing machines, and refrigerators are probably going to start leaking at some time in your house. Leaks tend to start slowly, and then they grow in severity until you have a flood.  General maintenance and inspection is a good plan to prevent it from happening.


The damage from damp basements is a slower process. Your basement can become wet due to moisture from the foundation of your house dripping down and accumulating. That moisture then evaporates and increases humidity. The cold concrete walls and floors can also lead to condensation during the warmer months.


While plumbing may seem like the most obvious source of water damage, it can also be the trickiest to find. Sadly, most homeowners don’t catch a leaky pipe until it has been leaking for a while, and all that time leads to more water damage. A careful eye and regular inspection will help you stay ahead of leaky plumbing.

Heating and Air Conditioners

Heating systems and air conditioners need yearly maintenance to ensure they are working their best. Neglecting your systems will lead to poor performance, and moisture accumulation will lead to mold and other types of water-borne bacteria.

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