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Your furnace has been in hibernation all summer long. Most people do not give much thought to it. After all, out of sight means out of mind. Or should it?

There are certainly some safety tips to keep in mind to ensure the air you and your family are breathing is safe and to prevent an unnecessary fire hazard involving your furnace. Also, regular maintenance of your HVAC unit can ensure you avoid a malfunction that could result in a fire.

Customer safety is important to Spotless Carpet Cleaners. Unfortunately, furnace closets and rooms are often neglected and not thought of at all by many people. We would like to share some safety tips for you in hopes of keeping you and your family safe this winter.

Space – Ensure that your furnace has an adequate amount of space to ventilate properly. Also, make sure there is enough space for maintenance and repairs to take place. This means, refrain from using your furnace closet or room for any storage. This area should be clear of clutter or objects that can impede its function or from maintenance being performed.

Clean – Keeping your furnace clean will make it safer. Not every home is equipped with a special closet or room designed for the furnace. So, if you must use your furnace closet for storage, please adhere to these safety guidelines to prevent a fire in your home or from damaging your furnace.

  • Avoid hanging laundry to dry on or near the furnace. This could pose a significant fire hazard and could decrease the airflow and your furnace’s ability to ventilate properly.
  • Avoid placing kitty litter boxes near the furnace. Ammonia fumes emit from the litter box, which can get sucked into the ventilation system and spread the harmful fumes throughout your home. This is especially toxic for people with sensitive immune systems or respiratory issues.
  • Avoid storing any cleaners or laundry detergents near the furnace. Instead, store them in airtight containers in another room, away from kids and pets.
  • Avoid storing any flammable liquids such as paint, gasoline or paint thinners near the furnace.
  • Dispose of old filters immediately, and do not leave old parts lying around either. It is a good idea to change out your air filters regularly or monthly, to prevent a health hazard or from decreasing the efficiency of your HVAC unit.
  • Most importantly, be sure to have your furnace serviced regularly to clear away buildup and dust that could prevent it from running efficiently or pose as a fire hazard.

At Spotless Carpet Cleaners, our technicians are qualified and certified to handle any disaster involving water or fire damage. We have decades of experience with water and fire restoration. We tackle the disaster for you, 24/7, so you can get on with your life.

Spotless Carpet Cleaners provides professional carpet, tile and hardwood floor cleaning, as well as water and fire restoration to homeowners and business in Kingsport, and Johnson City, Tennessee. To contact Spotless Carpet Cleaners, call (423) 926-9251.