In Frozen Pipes

Water pipes freeze during the winter seasons. That’s nothing new. The more pressing issue is the damage frozen pipes can do to your property. If anything, the best way of dealing with frozen pipes is to prevent them altogether. But what should you do to prevent pipes from bursting if they freeze? This post highlights four key tips to thaw frozen pipes. Read on.

1.     Keep the Faucet Open

Allowing your faucet to keep running or even dripping slightly can be enough to prevent pipes from bursting. Keeping the water running helps relieve pressure buildup between the faucet and the ice blockage inside the pipe, preventing it from bursting.

2.     Apply Heat to Frozen Pipes Sections

After identifying the frozen sections of the pipe, you can use a heating pad or hairdryer, or both appliances to heat the area. But this is a temporary solution that doesn’t fix the problem entirely. Also, ensure you monitor the heating pad and any other recommended heating appliance to prevent a fire.

3.     What Not to Do

While heating the pipes is the quickest fix for preventing a pipe burst, there are some heating appliances you should avoid using. These include a blowtorch, charcoal stove, kerosene heaters, or other open flame devices. Such heating appliances present a severe fire hazard that could cause more harm than good, especially if left unattended.

4.     Continue Applying Heat

Don’t stop applying heat to the frozen section of the pipe until pressure is restored and water starts flowing normally in the pipe. Remember to leave the faucet on for a few minutes to allow the ice to clear from the line.

If Frozen Pipes Burst

If the frozen pipes do burst, the first step is to shut off your property’s main water line. This will prevent additional water from damaging your property as you call a professional plumber to repair your damaged pipes and restore your water supply. You will usually find the shut-off valve near toilets and sinks, but the main shut-off valve will be near the water meter.

If left unattended, frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. If you’ve suffered water damage from frozen pipes, our professionals at Spotless Carpet Cleaners can help. Give us a call today. We’re here to help.