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Fire Prevention: Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City, TN

A fire can be catastrophic, especially for a home or business owner. In 2015, according to data compiled by the National Fire Protection Agency, there were 1,345,500 reported fires in the United States that year. Those fires caused 3,280 civilian deaths, leading to 15,700 civilian injuries and causing more than $14.3 billion in property damage.

Have you taken every step to protect your home and family from a fire?

Here are a few valuable fire prevention tips we encourage you to enact in your home as soon as possible.

  • Smoke alarms: The NFPA recommends a working smoke alarm on every level of your home. Test these alarms once each month and replace the batteries in your alarms every six months. Most people find it easiest to change out the batteries when adjusting their clocks when daylight savings time starts and ends.
  • Have a plan: Establish a fire escape plan with, ideally, two different exits for every room. Go over the plan with every member of your family and establish a meeting spot outside the home. Make sure also to have a communications plan, so that each family member knows how to contact one another in the event of a fire or other emergency.
  • Stop, drop, roll: Teach this technique to each person in your household in the event their clothes catch fire.
  • Care for the kitchen: Most home fires start in the kitchen. Never leave the oven or stovetop unattended when cooking. Be sure to remain alert when frying, broiling, or grilling food. If you have to leave the kitchen, ensure all cooking appliances have been turned off. If your stove knobs are positioned at the front of the stove where pets can reach, remove the knobs to prevent your pets from starting fires; a fire on a stove or cooking top is one of the most common types of fires that is inadvertently caused by pets.
  • Smoking: Anyone who smokes should smoke outside. Make large ashtrays available for disposal. If you smoke indoors, never do so in bed or when tired or under the influence of alcohol or medication.
  • Kid’s stuff: Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of your children. Be sure to educate your children about fire safety, even when they are very young.
  • Snuff that candle: Unattended candles are a huge fire hazard. Extinguish any candles when you go to bed or leave the room. Keep burning candles in sturdy holders placed on horizontal, stable, and heat-resistant surfaces. If your power goes out, we recommend using battery-powered flashlights as a light source instead of candles.
  • Ask the pros: Make sure a professional inspects your heating equipment and chimney at least once each year. An experienced, licensed electrician also should check the wiring in your home. Be sure to replace any frayed and damaged cords and wires.
  • Store smart: Any combustible substances, such as gasoline, should be housed in containers designed like gas cans. Those containers should ideally be stored in a detached garage or shed.

Sometimes even all the prevention in the world cannot stop a fire. If your home or business has sustained fire or smoke damage, then the Spotless Carpet Cleaners professionals can help. We offer our services 24/7. Call us at (423) 926-9251 to learn more about our services.

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