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Failing to store flammables properly can have catastrophic consequences, including poisoning, fires, and explosions. Whether it is gasoline, propane or some other material, nearly everyone has flammables in their homes, so here are some important tips on how to store them the right way—and avoid potential problems.

When dealing with flammables, be sure to store them in the proper containers. Never use everyday household items such as milk jugs, Tupperware, or paint cans. Do not store flammables in any container made of glass. Failing to use the right containers can lead to problems; only keep and transport flammables in approved containers. Look for cans and containers that are Factory Mutual (FM)-approved.

Where you store flammables is just as important as how they are stored. Make sure that any highly flammable liquids are stored in well-ventilated areas that are detached from the home. Flammables never should be stored near electrical tools or any other type of equipment that can cause a spark—including washers, dryers, HVAC systems, and hot water heaters. Also, keep away any and all flammables from open flames and other sources of ignition such as cars or cigarettes. Many flammable liquids such as gasoline and paint thinners produce invisible, potentially explosive vapors that can be ignited by a small spark—even from a considerable distance from where the flammable is located.

When determining where to store your flammables, temperature matters. Never keep flammables in an area that is exposed to high heat from intense temperatures during the summer, or in a location that is exposed to direct sunlight. If you do not have a suitable area on your property, consider purchasing a flammable liquid storage cabinet, which should be available for purchase at your local building supply or hardware store, or you could purchase and assemble a sturdy storage cabinet to store away from your home, elsewhere on your property.

Make sure also to pay attention to any cleaning rags used to wipe up petroleum products such as gasoline, oil, furniture polish, paint thinner, or paint. These rags should be kept in a sealed metal container, or thrown away immediately after they are used.

However you may choose to store your flammables, make sure that the storage area is locked so that the flammable materials cannot be potentially accessed by children or pets.

In summary, storing flammables the right way—in approved containers, away from sources of ignition or sparks, and in areas where the temperature remains low—guarantees safety for you, your property, your friends, family, and those around you. A little prevention now will lower your risk of fire at a later date.

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