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A thick, cushy carpet feels great under bare feet, and it makes a room look warm and cozy. But what kind of impact does it have on your home’s air quality? Some people claim that carpet acts as a trap for dust and pollutants, thereby keeping them out of the air. Others claim that the trapping action of carpets is bad for the air quality. Let’s review both sides of the issue, and learn whether carpet has a positive or a negative effect on indoor air quality.

How Carpet Benefits Air Quality

Dust particles, motes, allergens, and pollutants float around inside your house, but because of gravity, they eventually fall to the ground. What happens to them in a carpeted room? They get caught on the carpet fibers. The carpet trap has removed the allergens and pollutants from the indoor air, keeping them on the ground and not in your breathing zone.

What happens to dust particles in a non-carpeted room? They also fall to the floor, but because the surface is smooth, they are not trapped and can be easily kicked up into the breathing zone again.

How Carpet Damages Air Quality

On the other side of this issue, we see that carpets full of dust and allergens can be a health risk to people in the home. The carpets need to be vacuumed often with a good vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA air filter. They should also be washed regularly, at least once a year. If the bad stuff that is trapped in carpets does not get cleaned up, it’s still a pollutant in your home. According to the American Lung Association, children are especially susceptible to health issues arising due to the pollutants trapped in carpets because they are frequently on their hands and knees, picking stuff up from the floor, and putting their hands in their mouths.

How Can You Safely Enjoy Carpets in Your Home?

Clean, clean, clean. Even if your carpet doesn’t appear to be dirty, it’s important to vacuum. If your carpet gets wet, be sure there is proper ventilation so it can dry thoroughly. Periodically have your carpets professionally cleaned. And of course, the best way to keep carpets clean is to prevent dirt from entering the house. Take your shoes off at the door!

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