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Having a pet provides many enjoyable and thrilling activities, but it also delivers the need to remove pet stains. Removing stains as soon as possible and properly can help preserve the carpet’s looks and feel. Spotless Carpet Cleaners gives you three pet stain removal tips.

Clean It Up Quickly

The Humane Society reminds pet owners that even the best-trained pets can have an accident occasionally. The first thing is to be sure it is cleaned up quickly. Wet messes in the carpet are usually easily soaked up with paper towels and newspaper. Keep replacing soaked towels until the area is barely damp. Afterward, you will want to rinse the carpet with cool clean water and blot it dry. Adding a urine odor removal product will help keep the area from repeat occurrences because of the underlying urine smell.

How to Remove Pet Stains that Have Set In

For stains that have already set in, try a carpet cleaner to shampoo the carpet. Use as the cleaner directs and when finished applying the odor eliminator. In some cases, the stained carpet is not recognizable, and a little investigation is necessary to find the area. If the stain has reached the padding under the carpet, it will be more difficult to eliminate the smell entirely. Worst-case scenarios require replacing the carpet or calling in professionals able to handle the tougher stains.

How to Remove Solid Pet Waste

The Spot Removal guide recommends quickly removing the waste before it has a chance to sit and harden. However, the best way to remove stuck-on waste without damaging the carpet is to gently remove as much of the solid waste as possible and then use a mixture or spray for carpet cleaning to soak the area. After soaking for a few minutes gently scrub the area to remove the rest of the residue. Rinse and deodorize and allow the area to dry.

There are several techniques to clean and maintain the carpet, regardless of who or what caused the stain. Spotless Carpet Cleaners puts a focus on preserving the appearance and scent of the carpet. Contact Spotless Carpet Cleaners right away for a quote to remove your pet stains.