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Do your carpets wrinkle when they are cleaned? We hate to tell you this, but eventually, this will happen to just about any type of carpeting. Spotless Carpet Cleaners is here to explain why this occurs.

Each carpet has four layers: the face fiber, the primary backing, the latex adhesive, and the secondary backing. Each of those layers has its own natural absorption rate, and when wrinkles develop, they usually do so because of problems with the layer of latex adhesive. As a general rule, latex is water-soluble, which, in the context of your carpeting, means it will absorb a higher quantity of moisture than the two layers surrounding it. Meanwhile, both backing layers in carpeting are usually made of polypropylene, which absorbs minimal moisture. The latex, however, swells when it absorbs water. This swelling shows itself as wrinkles. Is it any wonder, then, that one of the technical terms for carpet wrinkles is latex displacement?

Cleaning your carpet does not cause wrinkles

Wrinkles usually occur because of the degradation of the latex layer of the carpeting or if the latex used to make that layer is of substandard quality. Many types of latex that are used to make carpets also have a high filler load of calcium carbonate, which makes the latex last longer during manufacturing but decreases the usable life of the carpet. You can determine whether or not your carpeting has a high filler load if you pull the carpeting back and notice an abundance of small white crumbs on the padding.

Your carpet can also wrinkle if it is not installed the right way. Common installation errors include stretching the carpeting too far, placing the cushion too high, an incorrect or damaged tack strip, installing the carpeting when it was too cold, or failing to seal all seams and transitions correctly.

Environmental conditions also can create wrinkles. These conditions can include high humidity, flooding, poorly maintaining the carpet, the age of the carpet, or installing the wrong carpeting for the traffic load of the room. Remember that each carpeting has a usable lifespan. Homeowners face the responsibility of maintaining the carpeting correctly to ensure it remains usable for as long as possible. That means vacuuming it, performing spot cleaning when necessary and, to really care for your carpeting, hire a professional carpet cleaning company in the Tri-Cities.

Carpet Cleaning in Kingsport

Spotless Carpet Cleaners has been providing professional cleaning services since 1975. Our founder already possessed years of experience in carpet fiber manufacturing when Spotless opened, giving our team of professionals the ability and knowledge to solve many technical problems related to carpets that no consumer can solve on their own. We can perform spot and stain removal, as well as general carpet cleaning, with rapid drying. Our goal is to produce consistent results and satisfied customers, each and every time.

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