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Small, regular leak kitchen sink leaks can cause an enormous amount of damage.  In some ways, a small leak is more of a problem than a massive leak because it’s likely to go unnoticed.  If you have water damage from a kitchen sink leak, give our team a call.  Don’t let our name fool you.  Spotless Carpet Cleaners also handles water damage restoration.

Since 1975, we’ve served the communities of Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport, and East Tennessee.  Our team has successfully repaired water damages resulting from kitchen sink plumbing leaks.  Three of the most common problems that arise from sink plumbing leaks are:

  • Kitchen Sink Cabinet Wood Floor Rotting
  • Wood Warping
  • Mildew & Mold Growth

Kitchen Sink Cabinet Floor Rotting

There is a common misconception that wood rots when it is in contact with water.  The true reason why wood rots involves fungi.  There are several types of fungi that lie dormant in wood.  When wood gets wet, it absorbs water, and if the right circumstances occur, fungi can become active.  Active fungi feed on sugars and proteins within the wood.  As they consume these substances, the wood begins to rot.

Kitchen Sink Leaks & Wood Warping

It is common for cabinet flooring to warp after a kitchen sink leak.  When wood absorbs water, it expands.  However, when it dries, wood shrinks.  Wood warping results from one section of wood drier faster than other sections.  If the kitchen sink cabinet has a bowed or uneven surface, warping has occurred.

Mildew & Mold Growth

Although some use the terms mildew and mold interchangeably, they are different.  Mildew is the lesser of the two fungi in terms of damage.  Mildew is a surface layer fungus, while mold grows much larger.  Both fungi enjoy damp, dark areas with organic materials to consume.  Unfortunately, a leaking sink cabinet is a perfect environment.

The Spotless Carpet Cleaners team has the expertise and equipment to rectify all of the problems listed above.  Call us today, if you need professional water damage restoration services.