In Carpet Cleaning

Your home’s carpets are a major investment in your home, which makes it important that homeowners take certain steps to take care of their carpeting and ensure its longevity. However, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding carpet care that people believe in that can actually cause harm in the long-run. To help ensure that your carpets are properly cared for, continue reading as we take a look at a few of the most common carpet cleaning myths.

New Carpeting Does Not Need to Be Cleaned

If you have recently had new carpets installed, you may have heard that your carpeting will not need to be cleaned for at least a year; however, this is not the case. While new carpeting will look fresh and clean, leading many to believe that it does not need cleaning, if you wait until your carpet is visibly dirty to have it cleaned then it will likely already be damaged. Soil that is not visible to the eye, and that is too deep to be reached by a vacuum, can cause a great deal of damage, making it imperative that you have your carpets cleaned regularly from the beginning.

You Shouldn’t Vacuum Too Often

One of the most common misconceptions regarding carpet care is the belief that you should not vacuum your carpets very often as this will cause your carpet to wear out faster. While older carpets showed wear and tear a lot faster with frequent vacuuming, modern carpeting is specifically designed to withstand frequent vacuuming. In fact, it is now recommended that you vacuum daily in order to prevent dirt from building up in the carpet, as this can increase its lifespan.

DIY Carpet Cleaning is Safe

Let’s face it, most people do not want to have to pay to have their carpets professionally cleaned, and we have all heard that DIY products and equipment that you can purchase or rent from a hardware store are just as effective as professional cleaning. The problem with DIY carpet cleaning is that store bought products are meant to work on all carpet types; however, each type of carpeting is unique and requires special handling. If you use the wrong products on your carpet, this can end up irreparably damaging or staining your carpeting.

There are many myths that surround carpet cleaning, which is why it is important that you work with a carpet care specialist in order to ensure that your carpets are maintained properly. Contact us to learn more about professional carpet cleaning and the benefits it can provide.