In Ceramic and Grout

Ceramic tile can truly turn a home or business from hum-drum to high profile and beautiful. It’s low maintenance, sturdy, and comes in such a wide array of colors, sizes, and other choices that it can be hard to decide on what you want to install. Once that is decided, however, you must understand and be mindful of caring for it properly. It may be low maintenance, but it’s definitely not no maintenance! Grout cleaning especially is one of the most vital areas to pay attention to in order to keep your tile floors looking as good as new. Grout protects the tiles from liquids and dirt running underneath them, but grout is still porous and requires cleaning to ensure that nothing penetrates it anyway. Some of your at home options are scrubbing with a stiff brush and vinegar/baking soda mix, abrasive cleaners such as:

  • Comet – its abrasive nature along with cleaning agents basically sand out the stains.
  • Peroxide based cleaners like OxyClean – the nature of Oxy-Clean and other peroxide based cleaners is to brighten and whiten using a chain-reaction chemical element when mixed with water. Normal household peroxide will work in the same way, with a lower concentration.
  • Scrubbing with bleach for hard-to-get stains – this is relatively self-explanatory. Bleach is a base as opposed to an acid, which is capable of killing most bacteria and some mold.
  • Acid-based cleaners – As opposed to bleach, which is a base, acid cleaners eat through the top layer of stains and bacteria, eroding it to a level that makes it new again.

If none of those solutions work for you, you may consider a professional tile and floor cleaner, who has access to products and tools not available to the general public. If you do need something heavy duty, Spotless Carpet Cleaners can help! We offer a wide range of cleaning services; contact us today for more information and a quote that suits your needs!