In Our Company, Restoration

Unfortunately, water damage can occur out of nowhere and leave you scurrying. The first step one takes in this situation is contacting the home insurance company. From there, the insurance company will assess the damages and guide you to the next step. Insurance companies typically have recommendations for restoration companies, contractors, and more for these situations. One thing most people do not realize is, you do not have to use their recommendations! You have a choice.

Why Wouldn’t I?

You may ask why you would not follow up with the insurance company’s recommendations. In California, a couple thought the same thing. Greg and Cindy Comey returned home on March 7 and found their house completely flooded. They did what anyone would do and contacted their insurance company, State Farm. State Farm has thousands of employees and contractors that service close to 83 million policies and accounts throughout the United States. The trusted company recommended Servpro and ServiceMaster to help the Comey’s with their flooded home. They followed State Farm’s choice.

The first step in restoration after flooding is to drain all of the water in the home. Nothing else can adequately be completed if the water is still lingering. Leftover liquid can lead to mold and further damage. The Comey’s had their home dried but stated they continued to smell mold. The family continued to pay out of pocket for new tests for cleaning up the damages. State Farm, Servpro, and ServiceMaster ended up cutting corners to save money, which greatly affected their client. Once this was realized, the Comey’s decision to sue State Farm over their damaged home and breach of contract was evident. For more in-depth information on this case, please visit Abc 7’s link here.

What’s Next?

No one wants to end up paying more than necessary after a disaster. A flooded home is hugely overwhelming, and nothing but support should be shown. If your insurance highly recommends a restoration company, thoroughly research them. You never have to use who your insurance recommends. You have a choice, no matter what you are told. To ensure proper restoration, choose a trusted company!

At Spotless Cleaners and Restoration, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our customers. Not only that, but we have been awarded twice one of the best restoration companies in the world. We offer 24-hour emergency services, water restoration services, and more at an affordable price. If you would like more information on our services, visit us online here! To schedule an appointment or consultation, give us a call at (423) 926-9251 today!