In Water Damage

Water damage happens when excess water begins to flood in places it shouldn’t. Different factors can cause excess water and result in water damage. You can take preventive measures especially when you know the potential causes and insure against floods or a leak. Here are the potential causes of water damage in your home:


Floods are the leading causes of water damage. Many homeowners associate floods with groundwater that enter their homes during a severe storm. However, floods can also occur due to a malfunctioning HVAC system, supply line or appliances. Any area that’s submerged in a pool of water can cause floods.

Floods in unfinished basements can also go undetected for a long period. These areas should be inspected every time flood warnings are issued in your area or after severe storms.

Roof Leaks

Leaky roofs occur due to unrepaired damage to roof decking and roofing shingles. As they weaken, they tend to increase the chances of water damaging your home. Unfortunately, roofing can go unnoticed for an extended period.

Therefore, inspect your roof twice annually and make the necessary repairs. On the interior, check for molds, water stains, and weakened building materials.

Washing Machine Malfunction

This can be due to issues with water connections or hoses or a failure with the machine. A sudden failure can cause flooding while a slow leak can go unnoticed for several months. To prevent water damage due to a malfunctioning washing machine, inspect the area twice annually.

Also, replace hoses after every two years and ensure the connections are tight. Additionally, move your machine from the wall and check underneath for molds and water stains.

Contact Spotless Carpet Cleaners to Fix The Causes of Water Damage in Your Home

While you may have no control over water damage disasters, you can take precautionary measures in advance to reduce their effect on your property. Sudden storms and floods can trigger water buildup. Contact us immediately after flash floods to help combat water damage in your home.