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Carpet Shampooing vs. Steaming

It’s important to learn the difference because carpet shampooing vs. steaming. Foot traffic, food particles, pet dander, spills, and more can make a mess of your carpet. Regular daily traffic on your carpet can leave visible stains and dirt and become a breeding ground for unseen dangers such as bacteria, mold spores, and dust mites which can be a health hazard.

Having your carpet cleaned regularly is very important if you want to maintain a healthy and good-looking floor covering for a long time. Carpet shampooing vs. steaming are the two most common methods used for carpet cleaning, but there are differences.

Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing is the oldest method of carpet cleaning. This method typically uses a buffing machine with a solution tank attached and a nylon brush attachment. The brush spins on the carpet at a low speed and scrubs the area as the operator releases a small amount of shampoo.

Once the shampoo is applied, it remains on the carpet to absorb the dirt, and when it dries, a high-power vacuum cleaner is used to remove the shampoo and dirt. Carpet shampooing cleans only the surface of the floor covering and does not deep clean.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning has become the preferred method of carpet cleaning and is recommended by the largest fiber and carpet manufacturers in the world, such as DuPont, Shaw, and Monsanto. The process uses hot water mixed with special cleaning detergents, which are sprayed with high pressure into the carpet, thoroughly penetrating the fibers. The solution is then extracted with a high-power vacuum, removing the excess moisture along with the dirt, built-up residue, and stains.

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At Spotless Carpet Cleaners, we employ truck-mounted carpet cleaning plants operated by IICRC certified technicians. Our team of experts has the technical skill and equipment required to remove difficult spots and stains. Our truck-mounted systems do not leave any residue behind and remove most of the water, enabling your carpet to dry quickly.

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