In Mold

As unpleasant as it may be, carpet mold can happen to the best of us. A damp carpet allows mold to grow and spread quickly, so it is important to identify and remove mold as soon as possible. Here are a few signs your carpet has begun to mold:


Giving your carpet a thorough look-over should be one of the first steps in identifying carpet mold. However, examining the carpet at the surface level is not enough. While mold may appear in the form of green and black spots on the surface of your carpet, this is more than likely a sign of advanced mold. To catch mold earlier on, you should take the time to examine the areas underneath your carpet as well. More than likely, mold will appear underneath before it spreads to the surface level.


A musty odor coming from your carpet is one of the top signs that your carpet has mold. However, this is not so easy to catch if you spend a lot of time near your carpeted areas. It is very possible that you have become accustomed to the odor, making noticing it extremely difficult. Pay attention to any guests’ comments about an unusual odor.

Your Carpet’s Age

The older the carpet, the higher the chance it has molded. Do not blame any unusual scents on “old age”. If a carpet is old and has an unusual scent, it is time to replace it.

Damp Carpet

A damp carpet is a playground for mold to grow and spread. If your carpet has been exposed to water for a day or longer, even if it was only a small amount, it is time to check for mold. This is especially common in carpets found in basements. Be wary of any and all leaks.


Mold is known to irritate asthma and bronchitis and cause allergies and breathing problems. If someone in your household is suffering from any of these ailments, it may be helpful to inspect your carpet for mold as a cause.

If you are suspicious that your carpet may have mold, you can contact us at Spotless Cleaners & Restoration.