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If you wonder about the best way to clean your carpet or any other flooring surface for your home or business premises, you need to seek professional cleaners. The carpet drying equipment used should be able to drive out all dust, bacteria, and other hazardous pathogens. You must ensure a completely clean and serene living and working environment. This poses a threat to human life. Always hire professional cleaners with the best equipment to get the best results when in need.

Types of Drying Equipment and their suitability

You can use many different types of drying equipment in case of water damage on surfaces. The drying equipment most suitable for use is chosen based on certain criteria. It depends on when the water damage took place on the surface. It also depends on the particular type of material or surface affected. The equipment to be chosen also depends on the kind of water damage. There are 3 categories of water damage you probably will experience at your home or business premises. These include;

  • The clean water category includes water damage from pipes and rainwater.
  • The greywater category comes from sources such as chemical wastes and soap water.
  • Black water category from sewage, urinals, and water containing oil.

Therefore, the types of equipment used must be specifically meant to restore the particular problem. However, that’s upon the experts to decide. The company of your choice comes in to do the hard work for you. Our professionals at Spotless will assess and determine the appropriate drying equipment for use.

At Spotless Carpet Cleaners, we employ the best personnel and equipment to offer cleaning and restoration services even in emergencies. We provide you with cleaning, restoration, and drying services 24 hours a day with our proven procedures and high-end equipment.

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