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When your carpets have suffered a flood or water damage, you need to act fast. The first thing you should do is call Spotless Carpet Cleaners first, not the insurance company, and here’s why.

Insurance Company

People will tell you the first step is to call your insurance company, but we disagree. Even the best insurance company is in business to maximize profit. Insurance claims are a cost, not a revenue center, and claims are not a profit center. Insurance companies have a responsibility to you as their client and their balance sheets. As a result, insurers try their best to balance the two. One way they achieve this balance is by working with an approved list of contractors. The claims department will want to send one of them to you.

The potential problem for you as the claimant is the contractor will be working to a lower, agreed hourly or project rate. The speed of completion will be a driving force during this process. Contractors also agree to a maximum time to complete the work before assessing your particular on-site situation. A potential problem for you is getting the job done fast, which may not mean the job was done right.

Spotless Carpet Cleaners

Rather than wasting time and potential money with insurance companies, call us first. We understand both the practicalities of solving your flooding issues and how to support you and work with your insurance company during the clean-up process. All of our work follows the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration certification. This global organization sets the industry standards, which we follow rigorously. It also sets fees for specific actions and ensures that your insurance company cannot be overcharged for doing the work that needs to be done. We work directly in line with those standards.

On top of that, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture sets standards for applying pesticides to kill fungus, mold, viruses, etc. These strands of bacteria can grow because of water damage. If the company and person who completes this job’s cleanup are not properly certified, your claim may be denied. You need to work with someone who is licensed, and Spotless is! In addition to certification, we understand your needs. You want limited water damage, bacteria removed, and all work to follow industry and state standards. Spotless will help, support, and advise you during this process, so you’re not taken advantage of.

To learn more about our services and resources, contact Spotless Carpet. You can find us online here or call us directly at (423) 926-9251 today!