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No doubt that maintaining a clean house is integral to our health. You’ve cleaned the air ducts, vacuumed and disinfected every nook and cranny. Still, there are pollutants in your house. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 30% of buildings in the US have poor air quality. Here are a few ways to help you improve your air purity.

Check Dirt at The Door

Children and the elderly are prone to infections and allergic reactions due to inadequate auto-immune responses. The best way to improve air quality is to ensure that you leave most contaminants outside, which means checking the most commonly used pathways. Doormats and carpets should be among the first floor pieces to be cleaned out.

Get Thorough with The Carpet Cleaning

Carpets have an uncanny ability to trap dust particles and allergens. These contaminants spread to other parts of the house as people move on the carpet. That’s why vacuuming once a week won’t cut it. If your home has heavy foot traffic, then you should vacuum more. In addition to vacuuming, plan to have your carpet extracted for all manner of grime. Household items like vinegar, rosemary, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda can help with the extraction process and freshen up the air while at it.

Clean Out the Vents and Filters

Cleaning the air filters and the vents will do you a world of good. They build up dirt quickly, affecting your air quality in a short time. If parts need to be replaced, get new ones from the nearby hardware store. Alternatively, you can let a professional do the cleaning and repairs  for you.

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