In Carpet Cleaning

Beautiful and quality carpets cost a lot of money, so protecting and maintaining them is a sensible move. Regular maintenance of carpets is an excellent way to have them retain their aesthetic value. After cleaning your carpets, using a stain guard is the best way to maintain their pristine state.

What Is Stain Guard?

Stain guards are liquid repellent protection used to protect carpets from spills and stains that can result from normal daily activities. Other than their protective quality, stain guards can also keep the carpets from fading due to exposure to sunlight, thanks to the ultraviolet inhibitors added to them.

What Materials can Stain Guard Help Protect?

Wool and natural fibers respond well to protection from stain guard. If you have a woolen carpet or a carpet made of natural fibers, a stain guard is essential since they absorb spillage quickly and get stained fast from spillage and daily grit on the carpet.

Although synthetic fibers like polypropylene can use stain guards, they do not need them like they are stain-resistant. You can only use stain guards if you look to add to their stain resistance qualities.

Just How Much Protection?

While using this guard is an excellent way to protect carpets, the protection is not foolproof. Whenever there is a spill on the carpet, a stain guard offers enough protection for you to clean the spill before it soaks into the fibers. Leaving the spill to dry out is not advisable and will result in a stain that will require fresh, professional cleaning.

Once you have your carpet professionally cleaned, protecting it and keeping it clean should be a priority. Scheduling a regular cleaning and enlisting professional cleaners every time can help keep your carpet clean for a long. Contact us today for queries and schedule a cleaning exercise.