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Already this season, we received a hefty amount of snow here in East Tennessee. While it may be all fun and games for some, it certainly isn’t fun if you end up with a pipe that bursts. Spotless Carpet Cleaners, a water restoration company in Kingsport, would like to share with you six tips to protect your pipes this winter. No one wants the headache of dealing with a flood in their home!

1. Drip water

Any time the temperatures outside reach 32 degrees or below, be sure to leave your faucets, at least one on each level of your home, dripping. This keeps water continually flowing through your pipes, which is likely to keep from freezing. Most of the time this is only necessary at night when temperatures drop. However, keep your faucets dripping even during the day if temperatures do not reach above freezing.

2. Open cabinet doors

It’s also a good idea to open all of your cabinet doors where pipes are located. This would mean the cabinets under your kitchen sink and those under the sink in each bathroom. By leaving these doors open, you allow the warm inside air to flow through to the pipes, adding an extra layer of protection against frozen pipes.

3. Wrap pipes

Outside hydrants, and any exposed pipes such as in the crawlspace or garage of your home, should be wrapped. Pipe insulation or wrap can be purchased at most hardware stores and is inexpensive considering what it will save you from in the long run.

4. Seal any gaps

If your home has any cracks or gaps along the foundation, windows or doors, be sure to seal these up to prevent cold air from freezing your pipes. It is a good habit to check these areas in the fall before temperatures become cold. Also, check them again in the spring because pests can gain entry to your home through areas where the seal has become cracked or is missing.

5. Drain your pipes

If you are planning to take a trip for the winter, go ahead and drain your pipes. That way, you don’t have to worry about leaving your faucets dripping during the duration of your trip. To empty your pipes, shut off the main valve, and then turn on all faucets in your house to drain the pipes. Be sure also to flush your toilets. Just remember to turn your main water valve back on when you return. Main water valves are located above the water heater, and the main line is accessible near the street.

6. Heated tape or wire wrap

If you have pipes that need an additional layer of protection against freezing, you can purchase a heated tape or wire wrap to place over your pipes. This type of device can be plugged in and will kick on as needed when the temperature drops.

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If you get a flood in your home from a busted pipe this winter, contact the professionals at Spotless Carpet Cleaners by calling (423) 926-9251. We offer 24/7 emergency services to residential and commercial clients in the areas of Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport.