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Whether you’ve got carpet stains caused by kids, pets, or even your own mishaps, your professional carpet cleaners in Kingsport have some tips to help you remove those scary carpet stains this Halloween.

Halloween can be a fun holiday to celebrate, especially if you are throwing a party. Red tinted drinks, brightly colored icing on cookies or cupcakes, or chocolate, gum, and other candy treats can add to the excitement. If you are hosting a costume contest, most guests probably will arrive wearing their favorite costume, with colorful makeup to boot. Let’s just hope none of these things end up on your carpet or furniture! If they do, check out these helpful tips or you can contact the Tri-Cities best carpet cleaning company at Spotless Carpet Cleaners.

Remember that carpets and rugs are made up of synthetic fibers, each come with their own care instructions, and it is best always to follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning method. Also, always test any cleaner or cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area first before applying to the stain.

Blott, don’t rub

The biggest mistake most people make when removing a stain is to immediately rub the stain with a cloth or paper towel. The problem is that this back and forth scrubbing motion only rubs the stain in even deeper. Instead, blot it gently using a cloth or paper towel. This helps absorb any residual liquid or moisture. If the stain is caused by something more solid like gum or melted candle wax, use a dull knife such as a butter knife to gently scrape the solid substance off the carpet fibers.

Apply rubbing alcohol

Next, take some rubbing alcohol also known as isopropyl rubbing alcohol and apply it to a white cloth. Avoid using a colored cloth as it could transfer dye from the cloth to your carpet. A white paper towel may also be used for this step if you do not have any white cloths. Using a blotting motion, gently dab the spot until the stain disappears. Be careful not to saturate the area as the alcohol could reach the backing and destroy the latex bond. If the stain is on the surface of the carpet fibers only, gently rub in the same direction as you attempt to remove the stain. Never rub in a circular motion as this destroys the fibers. If the spot is removed, congratulations, you are done! If the stain is still there, proceed to the next step.

For persistent stains, apply detergent

If alcohol doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, apply a gentle detergent or carpet cleaning solution to the spot. Again, work the detergent in by using a blotting motion. Then, use a spray bottle with water to rinse away the solution, blotting again. To dry, apply a pad of paper towels or a clean, dry cloth and weight it down so that it will absorb any moisture.

Carpet Cleaners in Kingsport

Carpet stains can happen when you least expect it. While certain stains can easily be removed using these at-home tips, other times you just need to call in the professionals at Spotless Carpet Cleaners. To schedule an appointment, please call (423) 926-9251.

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