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Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN

Here in East Tennessee, we generally experience a lot of rain during the fall season. This can make matters worse for homeowners, and business owners as excess amounts of rain can raise the moisture within your home, basement, or crawlspace. Where there is moisture, there likely will be mold, which can be toxic if left to grow inside your home. Mold leads to millions of dollars worth of damage for property owners each year and can exacerbate or lead to significant health problems.

With that being said, Kingsport water restoration company Spotless Carpet Cleaners has got some tips to help you prevent mold in your home or business this fall.

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter has a way of making moisture and mold problems worse. The more stuff that you have piled up or boxes stacked around your home, the more places moisture and mold can hide. Keep your unused belongings in a tightly sealed container, and store them away from areas where moisture is likely to be present. Clutter also blocks airflow, which means decreased air circulation that can lead to the buildup of mold.

Right sized AC unit

We know that the fall temperatures here in Kingsport can vary from warm to chilly. You never know when you will need to run the air conditioner, which has happened in our area well past the official start of the fall season! Make sure that your unit is the right size for your home or business. Too small of a unit means it will run continuously, which would lead to an increase of moisture around the pipes that could leak into your basement or crawlspace.

Eliminate standing water

Keep a check on all of your appliances such as the refrigerator, water heater, sump pumps if you have any, and freezer, as well as around your windows and doors to check for standing water. It’s also a good idea to check your basement or crawlspace, if you have one, to see if you notice any standing water or excessive amounts of moisture.

Install a dehumidifier

Since fall is known to be a wet season in these parts of the country, you may consider installing a dehumidifier or getting one that you can plug in during the rainy season. Dehumidifiers do exactly as the name says; they remove humidity from the air by dehumidifying it. This could be beneficial for homes or buildings with basements, as these areas tend to retain moisture more than the upstairs portion of a home or building.

Call the pros

Moisture removal and prevention is usually best left to the experts. When in doubt, call a professional water restoration expert in the Tri-Cities by contacting Spotless Carpet Cleaners at (423) 926-9251. We offer water restoration service 24/7, 365 days a year. We can assess your moisture problem, and make recommendations to remedy the ongoing issue within your home or business.

We provide floor cleaning services as well as water restoration to homes and businesses in Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport.